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At PHI Roofs, we offer Backed-by-manufacturer warranty and workmanship guarantee, you can be confident your residential roofing in Largo, FL will last a lifetime. Every home is unique and yours is no different. At PHI Roofs, we take the time to bring you the best roof money can buy. From start to finish, our local professionals answer your questions and offer tailored advice based on your project needs. Delivery times may vary based on the needs of your project.

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Rest assured our licensed and insured residential roof contractors with over 40 years of proven skills will keep disruption to an absolute minimum while adhering to strict Workplace Health and Safety requirements. An average roof is designed to last between 20 and 30 years. Weather damage or normal wear and tear can degrade shingles and other components over time, making regular roof inspections, and maintenance a necessity. You need roof repair immediately if there’s a damage present – putting it off allows the damage to spread, and it makes a full roof replacement necessary.

Residential Metal Roofing Designed for Durability and Comfort

Most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their roof – but it is one of the most important facets for a house. It protects your home and its interior from all kinds of weather. Costly repairs prove to be more of a hindrance when dealing with constant leaks. Not basing itself on the quality of the previous roof, a new roof starts the process from scratch, and with our experienced local Largo roofers, the integrity of this roof is greatly increased.

Residential Roof Leak Repair: What You Need to Know?

Our professional inspectors look for issues to determine whether you need a roof repair:
• Bald shingles which protect your roof from sunlight, water, and other elements have missing granules.
• Missing shingles.
• Rust on metal surfaces.
• Torn, curled, or cracked shingles.
• Cracked tiles or slate.
• Defective materials.
• Lifted or failing to flash around chimneys, valleys, wall junctions, and pipe boots.
• Popped nails, which can work their way out over time.

Serious, long-standing roof leaks permanently damage your home’s structure, including buckled walls and ruined flooring. If you notice leaks inside your home, emergency roof repair is required to refrain from the damage they cause which goes far deeper than your roof. If left untreated, they can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Do you require a full roof replacement or have a leaking roof that needs fixing? Then quit typing ‘residential roofing companies near me’ in Largo and gives us a call right away. We will answer your vexing questions with residential tile roof installation that allows you to go further with better service and a good attitude.

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Connect with one of the best roofing companies near your area who are experts at installing and replacing shingles, tiles, flat, and metal roofing. Contact us today and we send a qualified tradesman around to provide you with free residential roof estimates.

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